By getting you clear on your goals, progress and results. Everything in this planner is designed to make weight loss easy for you. Planning what to eat and think will remove confusion and overwhelm. The worksheets in this planner are meant to make things easier for you.

What to do

1. Start with noting your beginning stats and creating a monthly plan.
2. Use the stats and habit tracker to to keep tabs on how you’re doing. This will help you know what to work on each week.
3. Plan and assess daily with the 24 hour plan and evaluation. You can do your evaluation and plan for the next day at night or in the morning. Do what’s best for your schedule.
4. Use the Vibe Check pages when you want to work on your thinking. You will see the ability you have to think intentionally and create the experience you want to have.
5. Use the curiosity worksheet to learn more about what’s creating overeats and off plan eating. This is one of the most powerful worksheets you can use.

All of the worksheets you need for the next 60 days are here. I like to use sticky notes to tab my sections.

Everything you need to be successful is here. Your future self will be so proud of you for doing this work. Who will you be in 2 months? I can’t wait to find out!

Use your planner EVERY DAY and you will see results.

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Vibe Club Planner

Purse size 60 day planner (6" x 8"). This will help you become more consistent, eliminate overwhelm and confusion, and provide valuable data to help inform your decisions and know when to make changes in your weight loss journey.

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