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Does anyone else have the experience of feeling hunger within like an hour or so after having a meal? I know I just ate, so it can’t be real hunger, but my tummy thinks it is! Is this just hunger hormones doing something?

It’s going to depend on whether it is actual physical hunger or whether it is emotional hunger. If you feel like it is not physical hunger, it’s basically just an urge to continue eating because eating is pleasurable.If it is physical hunger, I would recommend perhaps adding more fat to your meals!

You say it’s important to track “urges that you were able to allow” can you elaborate on that and give a few more examples?

Allowed urges are urges we don’t “answer”. Meaning we want to eat 3 chocolate bars and we sit with that emotion instead of eating and giving into the urge. The benefit of collecting urges is that you start a process where you get better and better at allowing the urge to be there without answering it with food

I don’t really understand the difference between the three and what the benefit or need is for using them. If you can direct me to a past podcast or provide me with more information so that I can decide if I want to add them to my protocol, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

The reason that electrolytes are necessary on keto is because insulin levels are lower because of the lack of carbs. Which leads the kidneys to excrete the essential electrolytes like sodium, and potassium. So at the very minimum, you want to be salting your food but I recommend everyone supplement with electrolytes. My top choices would be Keto Beam Microboost and Electrolyze or Pruvit Mitoplex. There isnt a huge difference between brands of electrolytes. I prefer keto beam because they are 100% bioavailable and tasteless. I feel like they work the best for any keto flu symptoms as well like fatigue, headaches, cramping, etc.

The other day I was listening to someone say that exogenous ketones are nothing more than a "gimmick" and they don't work and you don't need them to be successful. They went on to say that if someone is drinking ketones that the body has to burn off those exogenous ketones first before it will start burning your body fat. THIS SCARED ME TO DEATH!

Ketones are not a weight loss supplement although they do aid in fat loss. They are also very controversial in the keto community. Every one has their own opinion and that applies to everything. Something that came to mind are all the doctors and health professionals that say similar things about the keto diet. That it is a fad diet/gimmick, that all you lose is water weight, that you are gonna keel over if you don’t have carbs, that its unhealthy. You will always have doctors and professionals on either side of any argument. Where I do agree with what you’ve heard is when they said you don’t need them to be successful. I can confirm that to be true.

Here is why I personally love ketones. I believe that everything in life is easier when I feel my best. When I get to use a supplement that gives my brain and body a clean preferred energy source that provides me with appetite suppression, energy, focus, and a clear mind I show up as a better me. I follow my plan. I complete my task list for the day. I show up as a patient mom to my kids. Its not the ketones themselves that have moved the needle in my weight loss journey, but the action I take from feeling so amazing. I am so happy with my reasons for including them in my protocol.

But I want you to check in with your reasons for using them. You mentioned great energy in the morning and a real difference in how you felt. The body is using the ketones as an energy source which is why you are feeling better. So that may yield better choices and enjoyment of the weight loss process for you.

Your brain is doing what brains do. Looking for danger and problems and where you may be doing it wrong. Your brain will keep you spinning out with thoughts like “I don’t want to work against myself”. So my coaching on this it to make a decision one way or the other and then not allow anymore time confused about ketones. Let’s take the drama out of this decision.

I believe and teach that the client alone gets to oversee their protocol. So I want you to just honestly check in with yourself and ask “Do I want ketones in my daily protocol? Why?” And then have your own back by owning that decision. What if a right answer didn’t exist? What would you choose?