June 2022 - Hunger Connection

This month we are diving into your connection to hunger and enough. The skill of knowing and trusting your hunger and enough signals takes practice and attention and that is exactly what I want you focusing on for June.

What I love about this is that it isn’t an exact science. There isn’t a destination. It’s you learning your unique signals and signs. You will be given a hunger tracker where you will be able to track: making a plan, eating when hungry, and stopping at enough. You will also be given a worksheet where you will be able to log what your bodies hunger and enough cues are over the course of the month as you notice them. By the end of the month you will have a list of specific cues to watch for as you hone in on this process of an intuitive style of eating that frees you from calorie tracking apps forever.

This month is about discovery, not perfection. You want to be aware of how often you are eating when you aren’t hungry and how often you are going past enough. Don’t spend time spinning in confusion if you are ignoring these signals. At the end of the day, this is the work that loses the actual weight.

So take a moment now to commit to digging into this work and landing at the end of the month with much more info about how your body works and speaks to you. Your body is always talking to you.

Are you ready to start listening?

hunger connection workbook

Download the workbook here


Vibe Club Planner

The Vibe Club planner goes hand in hand with the weight loss course. This planner will help you put to practice the concepts taught inside the weight loss course. You can print the entire planner or print individual worksheets located on the Worksheets page.


new lesson: What to eat

This new lesson covers HOW to eat in order to feel less physical urges, and to make the process of feeling hunger much easier for you.

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