Welcome to Vibe Club

I am so glad you are here. You made the right decision in joining and you may be feeling a combination of both excitement and fear. This is so normal.

I will quickly go over everything you need to know to get started and have the most success possible in my program.

Welcome Emails

When you first join you will be receiving a welcome email as well as a few follow up emails to ensure you get started the right way.

If you haven’t received this email:
- Check your spam and junk folders.
- Add the email to your list of known contacts.
- If you are still having problems, email and we will get you added to the list.
- Returning Members: You will need to email us to be added back to the email list.


Your member dashboard is where all the content lives. You can access this with your account credentials when you first sign up. You can also manage your account here as well.

Portal Content:

Sustainable Weight Loss Course
Call Schedule
Coaching Vault (all previous coaching recordings)
Vibe Club Planner Pages

Weight Loss Course

The first thing you need to do is go through the weight loss course which can be found inside your member dashboard. This course will teach you the framework in which I recommend you lose weight in a sustainable way. You need to be following this framework before we can dive into all the brain drama that is going to inevitably happen around following your plan and everything else.

Things to know about the weight loss course:

The course is self paced but the first thing you need to get done.
Should be revisited on a monthly basis. T
he modules are updated periodically. 
If you are feeling overwhelmed, know that it is not necessary (or possible) to implement everything at once.
You should start with making and writing down your plan daily, once you have that down, start focusing on following it.
Go at your own pace and feel free to ask questions.

How to get coached

I host 2 types of calls within Vibe Club; Group coaching calls and Q+A calls. You can find the call schedule inside your member dashboard as well as the Zoom link to join the calls.The zoom link is the same for all of our calls so keep it in an easily accessible place and add the call schedule to your calendar.

Q+A Calls:

- You can submit your questions live.
- You can also submit your questions via the “ask maggie” portal inside the dashboard. I will answer any questions submitted on the following Q+A call.

Group Coaching Calls:

- You have the ability to submit to be coached prior to the call. There will be a submission link emailed and posted in the FB group 5 days prior to the call.
- I encourage you to submit to be coached. 
- I encourage you to submit to be coached.Just submit a brief overview and I’ll help you work through it.

Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, please join the Facebook group. And if you are not on FB, I believe that the Vibe Club group is a good enough reason to create an account and participate. It is a great way to connect with other members and ask questions. 
Please try to refrain from DMing me coaching questions on instagram. This is not set up as a 1-1 coaching plan, and when you ask questions in the Facebook group, it allows other members who may have the same question to see the answer as well.

How to make the best of it

The way I teach you to lose weight is different from anything you’ve learned. This isn’t a meal plan or 75 hard challenge. What I teach you, you will take with you for the rest of your life. It is my goal to teach you how to lose your weight in the most sustainable way possible. The things I am going to teach you cannot be learned overnight. They cannot be learned in a few weeks. You will not miraculously lose all your weight in a month. This isn’t a fad diet quickfix— you’re done with all that bullshit. That has never worked for you before (at least not long term).

I know that you are ready for this change, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

What I ask of you:
Be Patient

Again, this isn’t a quick fix. We are literally going to rewire the way you perceive the weight loss process and your self concept. I need you to commit to digging in and doing the work for more than just a few months. I promise you will get everything you want out of this program if you can commit now to being patient and TRUSTING the process.
I know that you are ready for this change, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Do the work

A lot of people come into Vibe Club and think they can get away with not writing their daily plan down, and instead just having it in their head, or not doing the journaling because they don’t have the time or don’t see the point. I don’t want you to sell yourself short. Every piece of this process was added in by me because I understand the importance. Remember: you joined this group because you trust me, so trust me when I say this— YOU NEED TO WORK THE PROCESS. I’ve lost my weight two different times. The second time, I used the exact tools I teach you in Vibe Club. And now I have no doubt in my ability to keep the weight off. It works if YOU work it. If you are willing to put in the work and am 100% confident you will lose your weight and keep it off.

Listen to the coaching calls

We provide a private podcast so that it is as easy as possible to stay tuned in to the content. When you inevitably “get in a funk” and just can’t seem to “do what you’re supposed to do” just listening to the coaching calls can MASSIVELY help you because it will shift your brain to look in a different direction. Other members have the same hang ups you do, so you don’t need to get coached to benefit from these calls.