June Challenge

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30 Day Challenge

Welcome to the Vibe Club 30 day challenge! This isn’t your typical “challenge”, in fact I wouldn’t even call it a challenge— it’s more of a “focus”. We are not going to go to extremes to see results (because you don’t need to!).

Here is what we will be focusing on:
- You need to make a 24 hour plan every day and write 👏🏻 it 👏🏻 down 👏🏻
- Follow the plan...or...
- If you did not follow the plan, do a curiosity worksheet.

That’s it.

Sounds too simple? It’s not, I promise. If you can just implement this habit for 30 days I promise you will be shocked at what happens in your weight loss journey.

You are welcome to add in anything else you want to focus on or track, but my only recommendation is to not over exert yourself out of desperation to see results quickly. There are empty spaces on the 30 day habit tracker to add your own habits. Some good ideas are a daily step count or daily water goal— anything that is simple that you want to improve or turn into a new habit.