30 day challenge for a confident summer

Our next 30 day challenge starts April 1st. Information can be found on the challenge page.

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Coaching calls

Don't forget that the Group Coaching Call from this week is available to listen to now in your coaching vault and private member podcast.

Group Coaching Call- Tuesday June 21st

This week in the Facebook Community, Audrey shared how Think Feel Do has helped her as she has tried to recalibrate. She shared her biggest "AHA!" moment from her TFD journaling, and was looking for advice on changing her thoughts.

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Vibe Club Wins 👏

Every Friday we love to celebrate Vibe Day Friday where we acknowledge and celebrate our wins!

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Weight Loss Tips 💡

The only way to enjoy this journey, is to fall in love with the process. You can't wait until you have reached your goal to start being happy. Next month I will be teaching you how to love the process and I can't wait.

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Reminders 🔔

Accountability Partners

If you would like to be set up with an accountability group, please use the link below. I want everyone to be able to take advantage of all the tools available to you through Vibe Club. Accountability partners can really help you lean on each other in your journey.

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text message alerts

Make sure you sign up for Vibe Club text messaging. We use this service as a way to remind you of coaching calls and to send you inspirational messages.

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The next Q+A is scheduled for July 1st. If you have any questions please make sure you submit them on Ask Maggie. These questions will be answered on the call and will be available to listen back on the private member podcast if you cannot attend live.

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