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Q&A 7.28.21

Coaching 7.24.21

Coaching 7.15.21

Coaching 7.7.21

July Kick Off

Q&A - 6.29.2021

Coaching - 6.24.2021

Q&A - 6.17.2021

Coaching - 6.12.2021

Q&A - 6.1.2021

Coaching - 5.23.2021

Q&A - 5.18.2021

What we coached on

Megan gets stressed out after dinner and is giving into her urges a majority of the week.
Gena wants to know how to use urge meditation tool during urges. She is giving in to urges and binge eating.
Gena wants to know if creating a reward for yourself when you have collected 100 urges is beneficial.
Struggling with staying committed.
Sharing your weight loss journey with your loved ones.How to time your eating around your work schedule when you can't always eat when you are hungry.
If I eat outside of my IF window some days, does that defeat the purpose?
People’s opinions on you doing keto.
Fatty coffee and ketones.
Do I have to weigh myself everyday?
What to do when you feel physically ill with an upset stomach?
Are there keto foods you like to eat for an upset stomach?

Coaching - 5.15.2021

Q&A - 5.06.2021

Coaching 4.27.21

Q&A 4.21.2021

Q&A 4.17.2021

Q&A 4.6.2021

Coaching 3.30.2021

Q & A 3.21.2021

Coaching 3.13.2021

Coaching 3.4.2021

Coaching 2.28.2021

Coaching 2.20.2021

Coaching 2.14.2021

Coaching 2.5.2021

Coaching 1.29.2021

Coaching 1.21.2021

Coaching 1.10.2021

Coaching 1.4.2021

Coaching 12.27.2020

Coaching 12.9.2020