30 day challenge for a confident summer

Our next 30 day challenge starts April 1st. Information can be found on the challenge page.

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challenge tracker

The habit tracker will keep you on course this month. We are tracking 3 things— Making a plan, following your plan, and journaling when you don't follow your plan. The goal is not perfection, the goal is to be consistent.


the details

#choosetochange the way you approach weight loss, your body and your self-talk.

This month we will be:
✔️ Creating/Refining a plan and protocol that is easy to follow.
✔️ Including foods you love and ending restriction.
✔️ Getting curious and determining why you go off plan.
✔️ Creating easy consistency.
✔️ Ditching diet rules.
✔️ Choosing to change the way you approach weight loss so you can finally sustain your results and stop dieting forever.

The key to your success will be making and following a plan. We will be focusing on Module 1: Lessons 1-3. When you don’t make or follow a plan, fill out a curiosity worksheet so that you can identify the thinking and beliefs that are standing in the way as well as any changes you need to make so that its doable. Make sure to use your Vibe Club planner for both daily planning and evaluating.

Your Challenge 💪

Make a plan, follow the plan, and/or fill out a curiosity worksheet when you don’t every day for 31 days.
(Curiosity worksheets can be found at the back of your planner or here.)

The goal of this challenge is NOT to be perfect. The goal is to become more consistent. By the end of the challenge I want you to be so clear on what is and isn’t working and have a solid foundation to create momentum moving forward.If you miss a day of making your plan or following your plan, don’t give up! It’s no big deal. Start again the next day. If you don’t quit, it will be a successful challenge.

Kickoff Call

We will have a kickoff call on Monday August 1st at 11am EST. We will be going over all the details on this call and Maggie will be answering any questions you have. If you cannot attend live, the recording will be posted to the private podcast within 24-48 hours.

Accountability Groups

If you don’t have an accountability group or your accountability group isn’t working out, please submit a request for an accountability group below. Having an accountability group will be so helpful throughout this challenge.

Join a Group

If you would like to print or purchase a 60 day planner, click "view options" below.

View this month's coaching schedule here.

Vibe Club Planner

The Vibe Club planner goes hand in hand with the weight loss course. This planner will help you put to practice the concepts taught inside the weight loss course. You can print the planner at home or purchase one.

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faq / need to know

Weight Loss Course

The course is self-paced but should be the first thing you complete before digging into any other content (including coaching calls). If you are feeling overwhelmed, know that it is not necessary (or possible) to implement everything at once. You should start with making and writing down your plan daily— once you have that down, start focusing on following it. Go at your own pace and feel free to ask questions!


I host 2 types of calls within Vibe Club— group coaching and Q+A calls. You can find the call schedule here. There is also a zoom link to join the calls on that page— the zoom link is the same for all of our calls so keep it in an easily accessible place and add the call schedule to your calendar.

Q+A Calls: You can submit your questions live. You can also submit your questions via the "ask maggie" portal. I will answer any questions submitted on the following Q+A call.

Group Coaching Calls: You can submit to be coached prior to the coaching calls. There will be a submission link emailed and posted in the Facebook group 5 days prior to the call. I encourage you to get coached! Don't stress if you don't feel like you don't know what to get coached on. If you feel like you're struggling and can't quite pin point it, let's chat! We'll figure it out!

Text Message Reminders

Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, please join the Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook, I believe that the Vibe Club group is a good enough reason to create an account and participate. It is a great way to connect with other members and ask questions. Please try to refrain from DMing me coaching questions on Instagram— the purpose of having a group coaching atmosphere is so we can all learn from each other!